Professional Cyber Security services for people, small businesses and private investigation firms.

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Do you suspect you have been hacked? Want to know who is trolling you online? Learn to be safe online?

With our lives increasingly intersecting with online space, the risk and torment of security breaches and personal attacks have the potential to bring us much harm and despair.

Do you suspect your online presence has been hacked?

Are you getting trolled online and want to know who is doing it?

You want to feel safe online and conduct your regular activities safely but don’t know how?

We can help you be more secure on your computer, help harden your security credentials and investigate and track those who might be trolling you. We operate empathetically and utilise all our might to help you.


You want to focus on building your business but are constantly worried about online security?

You are a budding entrepreneur or run an enthusiastic and energetic business, working hard to expand using online space but are not sure how to be really secure in online space.

You have procured some online tools but need guidance on how to securely access them?

You have only relied on guidance by tools’ authors but know something is amiss?

You have engaged other consultancies and the fee quoted is enormous?

We can do a quick and fair assessment of all your online tools and your usage and provide guidance on how to operate more securely and safely. We will help you gain peace of mind in conducting your business online.


You think you have secured your business online but want to be sure it really is secure.

You are a small or medium business and have some security assessment done and operationalised some security practices but don’t quite know how secure your business really is and it is keeping you awake at night.

You want to know potential security loopholes in your business’s online presence?

You want to have a high quality penetration testing conducted?

You want a thorough assessment report and guidance to improve the security of your business?

We can perform high quality penetration testing in your online business and provide you with assessment and guidance to implement further best practices.


Your private investigation services are on par with excellence but lack cyber security space.

You are a private investigation firm providing high quality service to your clients but are lacking cyber security specialists to complete your investigation from all angles.

You want to complement your physical investigation with online investigation?

You don’t want to hire full-time cyber security professionals but want to retain such services or on case-to-case basis?

You want urgent cyber security services to furnish your investigation for your client?

We use state-of-the-art tools to conduct online investigations and professionally provide reports and inputs into your critical services. Our investigators are SIA licensed with deep expertise in technology.

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About Us

Professional CyberSecurity Services

We are London based professionally qualified cyber security experts dedicated to serving the needs of individuals, small and medium businesses and private investigation firms keeping in consideration their unique circumstances.

Online security is a continuous exercise. Discover. Secure. Repeat.


We have deep technology background in multiple domains and dedicated Cyber Security qualifications.


We have obtained SIA (Security Industry Authority) licenses giving us the established trust in serving you.